Lars Sandberg is a Swedish journalist and sports commentator from Stockholm.

Samples of work: Regular football/soccer commentator at Viasat TV since 2011, narrating matches from England, Italy, Spain, France, Champions League and International matches.

Also been sports reporter, sports commentator and sports talk show host at the National Swedish Radio since 2009. News anchor at TV4 prior to that.


Lars have also worked with two major studies interviewing criminals with ADHD and interviewing young athletes with ADHD.


Lars was also a cultural journalist at that during 2007 tried to establish itself as Sweden’s new major music site. Lars interviewed, among others, Kevin Drew (lead singer of Broken Social Scene) and Robert Plaszczyk who together with Magnus Carlson (Weeping Willows) managed the music club Bangers n Mash (described by Oasis’ Noel Gallagher as “the world’s greatest” in Aftonbladet) on Marie Levaue. Lars also reviewed “If This Is a Man” (Primo Levi) with Michael Nyqvist at the China Theatre in Stockholm, and the Animal Collective’s album “Strawberry Jam” before Zungoz closed down.